Karma — or lack of Will?

Some have asked sarcastically “What are White people so scared of being a minority for? It’s not like minorities are treated badly or anything.” The point that they are getting at is that minorities are not treated as well as the majority, which is completely true. Susceptible and weak Whites fall prey to this and think something along the lines of “Oh yeah, I guess it’s our turn now” — but that is not how nature works; this is imposing an imaginary moral idea of “karma” onto oneself. In reality, there is no equality in nature, I not only am not ashamed that minorities are or have been mistreated because it is a natural consequence of a multicultural society, I also believe that we should work to prevent the same from happening to ourselves. This is all ignoring of course that all of the sins which we are accused as guilty for are not only exaggerated but are also not even unique to us. But “sin” according to the slave is supremacist according to the healthy Master; such words are relative to the observer. Words, especially adjectives, but also verbs and nouns, have as one of their main purposes a signifier of value. Value, as we know, is relative — something I’ve proved time and again. For a simple example, to me, my life is the most important, to person X, their life is the most important; “important” being the value-signifier in this case.

A tree which blocks out the sunlight for the smaller trees below does not apologize midway through its lifespan and realize, “Well, I’ve hogged the sunlight for a while now, I’ll shed some of my leaves and let the trees below overpass me” That is not how life works, organisms struggle ruthlessly to maintain what they have conquered, and they maintain that dominance over others until their dying moments (in reality, the praised “virtue” of equality is never witnessed in biology — but is in fact witnessed among inorganic substances like the equal disbursement of water through an area or in the domain of physics with entropy — “progressives” quite literally inhabit an inorganic, life-negating world of pure materialism). Indeed, considering this is the natural course of things, it is a further display of our own lack of touch with our biological survival instinct and therefore a sign of our lack of touch with our ancestors who were themselves highly aware of all this. When you lose touch with your ancestors and your past, you forget what your biological “Will Zur Macht” is, you lose sight of that mindset and that sense of Life which enabled all previous generations of your line to triumph in the 10,000 year struggle which resulted in your birth and your existence up to the present moment (or perhaps you exist up to this present moment in spite of that sense of Life; your environment caters to the proliferation of what we’ll call an anti-Life sense (that is, Life in the grand sense, rather than the moment-based, individual-based one (a sense of life which can only exist in an anti-Life environment))). How does one lose touch with their ancestors? That is another topic, dealing partly with subversion and partly with self-sabotage.